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Exhibition in Union Square Subway


Group Project with Sarah Rosengarten



Space Planning

Exhibit Design


App Design

East Coast Hip Hop: Definition of a Style is an interactive exhibit that hides in plain sight. Located in Union Square subway station, this exhibit will educate viewers on the history of Hip Hop. The subway’s real and unconventional environment plays a large role in the development of Hip Hop culture by connecting East Coast cities in unimaginable ways. Due to our location’s demographics and foot traffic patterns, the exhibit will be designed to target New York City’s inhabitants: commuters, tourists, locals, children with their parents, and anyone who uses the subway. To create an immersive experience, the exhibit won’t use traditional object display cases. Instead, it will utilize displays and decorations that blend in with the physical environment. The first section covers the early history of Hip-Hop. Second two covers the emerging graffiti scene in New York City with an interactive where visitors can create their own graffiti on a projected brick wall. Sections three and four highlight decades that were monumental in the Hip Hop culture and community. In Section five, visitors will be able to take part in the street performance through karaoke stations. Visitors will be delightfully surprised to realize that these elements are an informative exhibit as they travel through the station.

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