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Exhibition Design




Space Planning

Exhibition Design


Beautiful Creatures is an exhibit that focuses on creepy crawlers, land wanderers, ocean dwellers, and sky soarers. The viewer first enters through an iron gate that leads them into a space where insects thrive and climb on the walls. The next section moves up to the jewelry and fashion that displays the larger land beings. Now the viewer is led into the depths of the ocean by translucent scrims where they can view live fish. The final section bursts the viewer into the sky to have a VR experience. Not only does this exhibit showcase exquisite pieces, but it offers immersive experiences that allows the audience to engage with the show. Dark lighting and cool white lights emphasize the exquisite jewelry on display. The translucent scrims that add to the depth of the experience and play with the dim lighting. The maze-like flow of the exhibition leads the viewer to surprise as to what they will see next. Clothing wear is integrated throughout the space as well. These full-sized pieces contrast well with the tiny, encased gems. The dramatic and moody vibe of the exhibit brings to light the beauty of these Beautiful Creatures. The audience of this show is comprised of young to old adults with a love for jewelry and fashion. These high-end luxury pieces are not suitable for children. The sophisticated atmosphere of the exhibit highlights the mature audience. The interactive focus of this exhibit is comprised of an interactive insect wall, live aquarium, and VR experience. The interactive insect wall, Out of the Shadows, lets the visitor touch the screen to unveil the detail and beauty of each insect piece. In Ocean Dwellers, the live aquarium allows the visitors to see the inspiration behind the ocean jeweler pieces. The VR experience allows the visitor to feel what it is like to be among the clouds in Sky Soarers. All these experiences provide a different way of letting the visitor experience the true beauty of each 
individual piece of jewelry. 

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