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The Garden of Vegan, a branded environment produced by Dr. Martens, is located at the W Loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This location targets a predominantly vegan demographic, that aligns with Dr. Martens. The brand space starts the conversation about alternatives to leather. As a successful company, it is Dr. Martens’ social responsibility to educate its consumers on the effects of purchasing their items. In conclusion, it is best to purchase things for the intent of using them for as long as possible. Not only does this experience educate the visitor on leather, but it also serves to educate them on the brand through branded content. Instead of traditionally keeping stock of products, holograms will take place of this and allow customers to see every item. Interactive mirrors allow customers to see how their new Dr. Martens will look on them without trying on the real product. These experiences cannot be created in normal stores and creates brand loyal visitors. It allows Dr. Martens to take the extra step in modernization of the retail world by virtually displaying their products and technology-based interactions. Overall, this space provides the Dr. Martens’ customer with a unique immersive experiential branded environment.

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