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Capstone Project for Dr. Marten's




Space Planning

Visual Merchandising

Retail Store Design



For an environmentally conscious demographic, The Garden of Vegan highlights Dr. Marten’s vegan leather line to connect new customers to the brand as an expression of their own identity through sustainability and immersive displays.
The Garden of Vegan is a branded activation produced by Dr. Martens located in the Flatiron District next to the Dr. Martens store. The brand space starts the conversation about alternatives to leather. Dr. Martens, a brand beloved by many, offers a wide variety of affordable and stylish vegan and natural leather products. As a successful company, it is Dr. Martens’ social responsibility to educate its consumers on the effects of purchasing their items. In conclusion, it is best to purchase things for the intent of using them for as long as possible. This Garden of Vegan serves as an educational event to inform the public on the effects of leather production and is needed so that environmentally conscious consumers can experience luxury fashion at an eco-friendly cost.
Not only does this experience educate the visitor on leather, but it also serves to educate them on the brand. This space will only hold a select stock of products, so holograms will allow customers to see every item. It allows Dr. Martens to take the extra step in modernization of the retail world by virtually displaying their products. Fashion designers often use Dr. Martens on the runway, an area will show visitors what designers and products are being used. A bar will be serving guests Dr. Marten product themed drinks. After having a drink, visitors can admire a gallery of Dr. Marten boots that were designed by local artists. Visitors can personalize their own Dr. Marten boots with supplied chains, charms, paint markers, and recycled fabrics. In this area, visitors will also be able to create crafts from leather scraps. A final photo-op allows the visitor to share their personalized boot or craft to engage this event on social media. A launch party/vegan dinner will occur the night before opening for influencers. Overall, this space provides the Dr. Marten’s customer with a unique immersive experiential branded environment. 

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